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450 Harrison Ave (Artist Studios)

Dine At The Bar, Bar Scene, Date Spot

450 Harrison Ave

(617) 422-0224


Derek L.
We went during restaurant week. I had been looking forward to the duck confit all week to learn that that was not on the menu. On the dine Boston/restaurant...read more
Diana T.
I came here on a Sunday night and it was packed.. But for good reason! Gaslight had some amazing food. My only complaint is that service was a little slow....read more
Austin C.
Gaslight is one of those restaurants where it makes you think it's going to be better than it turns out to be. The menu reads like a dream. Everything...read more
Susan W
Fabulous steak frites: This place is bustling. The interior is very French brasserie, with subway tile and wall sconces - lots of fun. It gets loud and crowded, but that just adds to the ambiance. The bar is a great place to get a drink while waiting on your…read more
Quite a disappointment: While it may be an attractive place to dine you must be prepared for slow service. And don't expect your water glass to be filled regulary.\r The food is fine though a little pricey. The atmosphere probably scored the highest points so I…read more
C. T
Yummy French Brunch: I went here for a weekend brunch and thought it was fabulous. It's a little out of the way if you want to walk around the south end before or after, but the food and atmosphere were great. I had an excellent croque madame and a bellini…read more
Like Paris in Boston: I think I love Gaslight mostly for the ambience - the low light, vintage mirrors, the "let's pretend we're in Paris" feel of it, the custom napkins, the little letterpress postcard they give you at the end of the meal. (It's all in the…read more
Great South End Restaurant: As mentioned in a few other reviews, the service wasn't the best but it was ok. We also weren't in any hurry as one shouldn't be at dinner anyway. The food was good but not great. I expected more even tho my meal was the best of the 4…read more
Strong recommendation: Highly recommend Gaslight. Relaxed, warm atmosphere. Great date place. Fried artichokes ala greque done to perfect crispness. Double brined pork chops with corn souffle and veal stock. Succulent. Very patient, attentive waiter named Evan…read more
Great food, great ambience: I have to say this is one class place, brings back great memories of my times in Paris. The food is amazing, who ever the chef is my hat is off to him, the wine selection and recommendations were excellent, and I only have to say I wish I…read more
Really trendy restaurant/bar with delicious food and drinks!!: Went here last Saturday nigth with my family whowere in town for the weekend. The atmosphere and ambiance of Gaslight is really nice. The bar with it's long zinc strip is a really good first impression when you enter. When we moved to the…read more
Who reviews this place the help or owners?: This was the third and last time I will ever eat in this pretentious wanna be something else Bistro. The managerial staff still has not figured out how to run a restaurant. It is always a wait and the food is great or really bad. The…read more
Lovely French Bistro in South End: The Gaslight has an eclectic, enjoyable ambiance from the moment you walk into the door. The service is normally very good and attentive to the guests' palate. I love the fresh warm bead served on the table. The steak frites are delicious,…read more
Mediocre-at best: If you like food, avoid Gaslight. It is a parody to a great brasserie, respecting the concept only in decor. It's cute inside, but very loud to the point of being annoying. I'm usually willing to put all that aside, even service (which was…read more
my favorite neighborhood spot: I couldn't disagree with the previous two reviews more. I absolutely love Gaslight! It?s my favorite place to stop for an afterword cocktail, which more often then not turns into dinner. Every time I go in the staff is so welcoming it?s…read more
longest wait: Going to Gaslight on a Monday night, one would think there would be no wait involved. That was certainly not the case! It was 30 minutes before our food order was even taken. Granted after the waitress bothered to take our order the food…read more
Gaslight is GOOD: Great food and good prices! DIned here with acrowd and received good service though staff could have been a bit friendlier. Will certainly go back for the delicious food!read more
What to Drink: Budding oenophiles are well-served, with roughly 20 wines available by the glass, half-carafe, carafe and bottle.read more
Love Gaslight! Unpretentious service,: Love Gaslight! Unpretentious service, fabulous food! Drinks are incredible tooread more
Parking: Free evening parking is available in the lot adjacent to Gaslight.read more
Double: Had a double date with gf's friend, so I chose Gaslight and glad I did, the food is excellent management is great and waitress made the evening. I recommend this to anyone. \r \r SFL read more
Erin M
Ooo La La: Good food, love the communal dining, very Parisian-inspired atmosphere. The crowd usually picks up a little later in the evening, but if you get there by 6pm you're usually assured a great seat.read more
When to Go: A late-night "supper" menu is served until 1:30am nightly.read more
Very disappointed: Went there on a friday night and was seated with my husband at a table that was so small that you couldn't put anything but a drink, we explained that we were going to be ordering appetizer's and entree's and would need a table to…read more
In Short
Befitting its name (French for "brasserie on the corner"), Gaslight provides the far reaches of the South End with a welcoming neighborhood hangout. The Aquitaine Group (Aquitaine, Metropolis Cafe, Union Bar and Grill)…read more
Decent food, great atmosphere: This place feels like a real French bistro, not an Epcot version. It's a little boisterous, the food is really good and not terribly overpriced, and the service was right on.read more
Not Worth It: Gaslight has a friendly trendy atmosphere but that's about it. It was very loud and our waiter could not hear us well. The service was slow and they could not provide any recommendations on food. The steak we ordered was very salty and was…read more


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