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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Aggie's Hot Subs

Food Delivery, Delis And Delicatessens, Salad

2814 Cashwell Dr

(919) 751-0999

Alvino D.
Not bad, if you want a quick sandwich or lunch. I have a terrible schedule so I find myself eating here quite often. I agree with one of the other reviews,...read more
Stephen M.
Interesting menu; it looks from the outside that it is a sub restaurant, which it is, but it has an Italian and Asian menu as well. I asked what was the...read more
Renee S.
SO RANDOM! The d├ęcor is rich, opulent Bordello meets zen Asian minimalist. The menu is just as random as the decor. Teriyaki chicken noodles to burgers to...read more
Frank D.
Try the stake sub so far it's the best by far I've had in this townread more
Carrie M
GROSS!: Is this the sub place that serves Chinese food as well? If so...this is the most disgusting sub I have ever had. Thousand Island dressing is added onto the sub. This is NOT an Italian sub shop. The most disgusting sub I have ever had.read more
Rachel B
Awesome subs: Oh wow, they are good. I haven't been in a while, but I'm craving one now. Much better than the chain restaurants.read more
Tammy G
highly recommend!!: This is one of the best sub places I have ever ate at. They are all very friendly and helpful. You can eat in or take out. The prices are very reasonable as well.read more


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