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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Traditional American, Carry Out, Italian

1800 Smelter Ave NE

(406) 761-0300


Liz K.
Where do I begin... I love this place for so many reasons! I have been coming here since I was a little kid and it hasn't changed. Not even the decor, which...read more
Sassy W.
Ok, first of all, for the tourists that come to visit. Reminder! This is Montana, not New York City or San Francisco! This is not a Mastro's or Spago.This...read more
Rick D.
This place doesn't seem to have changed from decades ago. We would go there for spaghetti and ravioli, and for chicken, back then, and that seems to be...read more
Marija C.
Great steaks! Great ravs! Great minestrone soup! Yum all the way around.read more
Jordan S.
Selection is poor, prices are high. Not impressed. Good service thoread more
Tammy B.
Taste sauce before ordering pasta. Then still don't eat. Ick!read more
Sharon V.
Great steaks hereread more
Best ravs and sauce around. House dressing is a spicy vinegar based Russian that is unique and a favorite.read more
Dan H
Best Italian food in the Northwest.: Borries has the best Minestrone in the U.S., bar none. Also try their half and half. Great steaks, but stick to the Italian entrees. This place has been around forever, and the reason is their cuisine.read more
Gene W
The best spaghetti: This is the premiere place to get Spaghetti or ravioli in great Falls, The sauce is unlike any others. They also have awesome chicken. They out bread sticks on your table and have great antipasto also.read more
David I
Best in Great Falls: Absolute best spaghetti sauce in the world. The service is great. The price is right. Try the house salad dressing! Eat at this place. Great steaks and chicken too!read more
joseph a
Family Restaraunt: Borrie is number one when it comes to fine dining. They are the leaders in fine Italian food and world class chicken. The atmosphere is superb and can accomadate large getherings.read more


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