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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Traditional American, Carry Out, Italian

1800 Smelter Ave NE

(406) 761-0300


Sam M.
So bad! I literally thought my ravioli were filled with refried beans. The "famous" spaghetti tastes like its from a can. Dry disgusting breadsticks are...read more
B L.
I could be partial to Borries because I grew up last 40 years loving this establishment with relatives passed and present. I recommend the spaghetti and...read more
Big Baby Jesus C.
Quick lesson on beef is in order. It is graded into 3 grades by the USDA: Prime, Choice, and Select. Prime beef is top grade, and only ~3% of all beef...read more
Best ravs and sauce around. House dressing is a spicy vinegar based Russian that is unique and a favorite.read more
Marija C.
Great steaks! Great ravs! Great minestrone soup! Yum all the way around.read more
Tammy B.
Taste sauce before ordering pasta. Then still don't eat. Ick!read more
Jordan S.
Selection is poor, prices are high. Not impressed. Good service thoread more
Sharon V.
Great steaks hereread more


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