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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Buck Wild Country Dance Hall

Nightclub, Country Dance Halls, Nightlife

1025 NASA Parkway

(281) 332-1199


Alexandra A.
Have you ever been to Wild West off Richmond? Buck Wild is essentially the same except for: 1) Unlike Wild West, they have a mechanical bull. 2) They...read more
Troy O.
If your atm is broke and you dont take cards at the door.... let your customers in free...... unless your making so much money u don't need mine..... #whatsgoingtobeherenextread more
Maryanne T.
A lot of under age drinking.. Girls falling over and throwing up every one had and "M" on there hand for minor with beer in there hand.;( not a fan!read more
Christy H.
It was fun!! There was a wide range of people of all ages!!read more
Justin G.
Giant 200ft bar is a nice plusread more
'77 model (slightly off mint) s.
ladies and gentlemen there's an arm wrestling tableread more
John W.
Dance lessons on Fridayread more