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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Cactus Flats

Mexican, Bar, Karaoke

10026 Hansonville Rd.

(301) 898-3085

Clinton C.
Nice blue grass musicread more
Michael B.
Have some food It's goodread more
Yeeeeee! Haaaaaa!: Get your buns up the road to Frederick. Bluegrass on Sundays at the Flats, what's not to love about this joint. More character than 80% of those Ball'mer watering holes. And if you can get into Downtown "FredNeck" try "Wags"....great…read more
Jypsy J
IKE IS THE BEST! KARAOKE: You can catch him most Saturday's from 2pm to 7pm. He's the best K.J. and singer I've seen anywhere in Meto and within a 100 mile radius in the 6 years since we moved here. I've had my own karaoke business for 21 years and belive me I've …read more
Ronnie W
GREAT BAR!: Great place to kick back & have fun. The food is excellent & priced below average. As for the person giving it 1 star. Obviously you & your husband were scared when you opened the door, so just stay in town at your over priced yuppie bars!…read more
Shelly C
Western style: Just throw your peanuts on the floor! This place gives you a feeling of the west. Food and drink prices are reasonable. Not the best around but competitive.read more
Bob P
Nice: Very good place to eat I had a great time with family and I have to say that service was outstanding. The staff is very friendly.read more
Mr.Chris M
The burgers are GREAT!: The burgers were always awesome and cooked the way I like em' Mid-rare! Yeah, it's a country biker like bar but it's a good time!read more
Jennifer K
Skip it!: this place was truly heinous; my husband and I went to Cactus Flats on a weeknight, and as soon as we walked into the place and the peanut shells crunched under our feet and the country music was blaring from a giant-screen tv, we realized…read more


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