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Caffe Zingaro

Coffeehouses, Desserts, Coffee & Tea

127 Mercer Street

(206) 352-2861


Ashley S.
Enjoyed their management co-operated by the fan of their nice deal of time and highly loving to the place as such a great kind of comfy location no matter...read more
Laura P.
This is a coffee shop that I like to visit when I just want to settle into a seat and browse the webs (free and fast wifi) or read a book. The counter staff...read more
David B.
The baristo working this afternoon has undone all dozen previous visits with his lousy attitude. This will never be a coffee stop for me and my friends ever...read more
Ryan S.
Coffee was pretty bad and the waitress looked like she hated being there. I won't be going backread more
Jen E.
The best service! Very friendly! Awesome Hot chocolate!! Love Zingaro!! Awesome friendly staff!!read more
Sai S.
Zingaro Latte & free wifi. Owners and the rest of the baristas are very nice and friendly.read more
Nathan M.
Does the coffee maker in the SIFF breakroom look complicated? It is. Just give up and go to Zingaro.read more
Yiling W.
My coffee shop of choice for that time between a friend's 10k/half-marathon start and finish (good hours, coffee, atmosphere and servers).read more
Tracy F.
Delicious tea! I got the strawberry green. They give you the pot :) Chai latte is brewed from a tea bag, not the powder or syrup crap! Friendly staff and warm atmosphere :)read more
Kelli M.
Great foam!read more
Matt G.
My go to place for coffee. I always get iced here though, it has some unique flavor that I'm addicted toread more
Jeff B.
not very kid friendly. service people seem depressed today. kind of a bummer atmosphere for the kids.read more
Michael N.
Decent coffee, lots of milk foam. The barista didn't know how to make a cortado :(read more
Julia T.
mexican mocha - not on the menu, but worth asking for.read more
Julia T.
Great place to meet a friend before some theatre or an event at Seattle Center!read more
Stephen K.
Mocha biancas and primo sammiches. O, my Jesus…read more
Jonathon C.
Enjoy the coffee... roasted by Lighthouse!read more
Mark D.
Great espresso.read more
Trevin C.
enjoy the rotating art on the walls from local artists.read more
Jordan C.
These guys make the best soy latte. Highly recommended.read more
Kristina O.
I never had a bad cup of coffee here and the service has always been stellar!read more
Jen E.
Best Hot Coco ever!!! Fab people!! Love them!! Super nice!!read more
Sergey S.
One of the best places to go before a long show somewhere in Seattle Centerread more
Liliana H.
Found Mocha Bianca as Yum Yum. Try it and dish on it at http://dishonit.comread more
Trevin C.
Wifi password is written on masking tape in the cash register facing you.read more
Feels like home at Zingaro!: This is my favorite place in Seattle -- and that doesn't just include coffee shops. The ambiance is great with local artists decorating the walls, the clientele includes ballerinas and dancers from the theaters just down Mercer, and the…read more
The best coffee i've ever had!!!!: Staff was very friendly. The mood was just right. The coffee was amazing!!! I would highly recommenced this cafe to any coffee drinker that can appreciate the richest crema in Seattle.read more
One of the city's best: My two favorite coffee places in Seattle are Caffee Zingaro and Ancient Grounds. They still maintain the making coffee drinks as an art. They do not mass produce latte's , so if you are in a hurry, truck on down to Megabucks. But if you…read more


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