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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Cedar Kabob & Cafe

Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Restaurants

34796 Van Dyke

(586) 795-1722

L. W.
Everything is too good. The dinner selection has huge proportions and very varied. The lunch menu is under 8 bucks. As far as the food goes, it has heart....read more
Paul G.
Always fresh and delicious above average dinner portions which is a plus. The food is always good. But for the first time. The chicken shawarma was not as...read more
Victoria M.
My update is just that I freakin MISS this place! Ugh, just wrote my review for a Dearborn restaurant but honestly this is my fav. I had moved after years...read more
Cristina T.
Delicious and a lot of food for the price. Great deal.read more
David Z.
Free garlic spread when you sit down. Awesome.read more
Rajesh M.
Garlic butter and pita...yum...read more


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