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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chappy's Deli

Burgers, Carry Out, Hamburgers

1915 W Marler Ln

(417) 581-6686


Derek R.
Food: wasn't very good I ordered the buffalo chicken wrap I enjoy spicy but they basically poured a bottle of hot sauce. Price: I had the cheapest meal at...read more
J S.
first time and they just opened, not cheap not fast, not so great, maybe worth giving another shot after seeing good reviews on Reuben, buffalo wrap not my favread more
Ned D.
Don't get to comfortable with this Deli It will not be around very long over priced for heat and served items, to many people standing around. To many kids...read more
Lyn H
Get the Taste of an at Home Burger!: Backyard Burgers do the beyond fast food very well! Grilled burgers that taste just like the ones I've cooked on my own backyard grill. And I always order it with exactly the condiments I would apply to my own burger.\r \r Want to get…read more


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