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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Cheoy Lees

Chinese, American Express, MasterCard

1205 Main St

(508) 892-8441

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Lynn R.
Typical Chinese take out fare. Just about everything is pretty greasy. The pork fried rice wasn't too bad. I can think of many other better places for...read more
Karen W.
Excellent crab rangoons and chicken and broccoli. Have also had lo mien and egg rolls. My new favorite Chinese restaurant in town.read more
crystal j
EEEK: This food is terrible. Brought it home, opened it, tasted and threw it directly in the trash. Disgusting. The lomein tastes like fish, the boneless spareribs are burnt, the chicken fingers dont even taste like chicken fingers and the riceā€¦read more
Ed V
Awesome Chinese: Great food. Great flavor. They try to accomodate even the pickiest eater. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Cheoy Lee's.read more
Nicole S
Not Worth It: Thought this was going to be a great addition to the town but the rice was very dry and the meat was fatty. I do not recommend.read more
M: From April, 2011 Cheoy Lee in Leicester MA has the new owner. It's worth to order food there. The price is reasonable. I promise! Everything is good.read more