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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chez Machin

French, Salad, Breakfast & Brunch

3553 SE Hawthorne Blvd

(503) 736-9381


Bryan I.
So glad to have this quaint, local French restaurant in the neighborhood! You cannot go wrong with their breakfast/brunch crepes (the Le Diane w/ poached...read more
E M.
Hands down my favorite breakfast - I've been here too many times to count. I get the same thing every time. Potatoes au gratin and a le citron delux with a...read more
Tim R.
Solid Crepe spot in the heart of Hawthorne. Many restaurant in this area usually have a wait and this one usually doesn't, so it's a good backup if you are...read more
Great french food great atmosphere!: I loved this place! I came here with my boyfriend for dinner last weekend and not only was the food exceptional and perfect for a summer meal, but the tiny restaurant had great ambience with a live musician and cheeful service. I had one…read more
Great food, terrible customer service!: The food was great but after a moderate wait, three of the five meals brought to our table were completely wrong and it wasn't just our table. Every table got at least one "oh, I'm sorry" in the 45 minutes we were there. Maybe it was an…read more
The Best Creperie in Portland!: Chez Machin is a small restuarant, with an authentic French atmosphere. The menu possibilities are endless, and contrary to all of the bad reviews I have read, the crepes were perfect. The portions are just right, and the service is…read more
We waited forty minutes for our food: We waited forty minutes for our food and our son did not get his dish until we were finished eating. Two children, myself and a toddler ate, it was$50 and we were still hungry after we finished so we went and bought more food elsewhere. …read more
Make believe French bistro - mediocre food: This tiny place has a one-burner kitchen, French bistro style tablecloth and an Edith Piaf CD from the 60's. What could be a charming, centrally located little neighborhood place misses the mark completely for the food was not tasty,…read more
Brown paper towel in your salad? Anyone? More fiber?: I had some good and some bad experiences at Chez Machin over the years but the one I had recently sealed the deal and I will never again go into that establishment. I was eating a light lunch with a friend and ordered a salad. Much to my…read more
You couldnt ask for more from this cozy little cafe: I went here for lunch with a girlfriend and I have to say, don't let the outside of this place fool you. Had I not read the reviews I would have kept on walking.. But once you go in the door everything changes. Its cute! And clean, and…read more
Wonderful food and worth the very very long wait!!!: The food is fantastic and it is romantic but the service is slow slow slow. They have a very small 2 person open kitchen with only 2 crepe stones and when they get busy you can see the poor Chef working his butt off as the orders pile…read more
Toute bouche, pas des pantalons: Two things about this restaurant are highly authentic: the ambience and how long it takes to get served. Sadly when we went the food itself was meagre, very far from French and overpriced (if you do go, the set menu is far better value…read more
A great destination on busy Hawthorne: This place is a little French treasure, tucked in along Hawthorne - very warm atmosphere, great service, attentive staff, and while sitting at my table was able to view the kitchen and the chef at work - great meal, the French onion soup…read more
Best Crepes in Portland: I love Chez Machin. I think they have the best crepes in Portland, coupled with a lovely wine list. Best of all they are very affordable and provide a lovely French cafe atmosphere perfect for intimate conversations with friends. \r \r The…read more
Not wanted: Went here to have a relaxing coffee and dessert and we were not welcomed at all. The waitress was charmless and basically ignored us the moment we walked in. We ordered coffee and she brought us cold stale coffee without an apology. My…read more
Going back!: Not to familiar with the area, we walked into the restaurant and we were greeted with someone immediately. We were seated in a yes, a very small space but that was part of the whole experience. The service was great and the food was…read more
Susannah W
Lovely: Really enjoy eating here. Pleasant atmosphere, warm and hip. Crepes are delicious, in a subtle, humble way. I also had the steak, which was cooked perfectly. I will continue to go back here. Good food, reasonable prices.read more
Quite nice: My friend and I ate lunch here recently and I was pleased with the food, service, and atmosphere that Chez Machin offered. It was hard to decide what to get-the menu offers several options that all sound good! They offer many egg/scramble…read more
Wonderful Place: I recently stayed one night in Porland on my way back from the coast to head back to my home in Spokane. We were sitting in a little bar downtown talking to some people that we met and after some conversation and talk about where would…read more
a cute place for a light meal: I've been going here regularly since 2005 and it's never let me down. I like the casual atmosphere, the small size, the charm of the interior, and the hearty crepes. Contrary to some of the other reviews, the dessert crepes are…read more
We love this place!: Groupon initially took us to this little gem and we are so thankful it did! We have dubbed it our favorite restaurant of 2010 and are making Chez Machin a part of our NYE tradition and eating there for our last meal of the year. In a word,…read more
Not Wanted and not French!: What a disapointment! Upon walking in the waitress informed us of a 1hr wait (with 3 other couples in the resturant), and continued to discourage others from eating there. Unfortunatly, we stayed. The interior is cute, but the…read more
Wonderful dining experience: I have been to this restaurant many times and I have never been disappointed. The wait staff is very friendly and the food is always delicious. The crepes are fabulous and the bistro menu is exceptional. If things are sometimes slow,…read more


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