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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

China One the


419 E Wisconsin Ave

(262) 560-9999

Sara S.
This is our go-to for Chinese takeout. I've tried many of the other Chinese takeouts in Oconomowoc, and this is, by far, our family favorite. Prepared fresh...read more
Liz G.
Lightning-fast service. I never call ahead, because it only takes them five minutes to make my food. This is not out-of-this-world Chinese food, but it's...read more
Daniel M.
In terms of Americanized Chinese food, this is not bad at all. Way better than Fong's, the food is fast, affordable, and fresh. Best Chinese in Oconomowoc.read more
Hethe H.
Have some crab rangoon, they're amazing here.read more
Dexter P.
Crab rangoons are good...that's about it.read more


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