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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Cook Out

American (Traditional), Burgers, Restaurant

1800 Boiling Springs Rd

(864) 578-4640

Jennifer G.
The food and service was good- hot, fast food with great/smiling service. My only complaint was that the bathroom didn't have anywhere to change a baby's...read more
Hal G.
They need to fix speaker in drive-thru. It is unbearable to try and order.read more
Lawrence L.
They just built a Cook Out in Norfolk, VA . There were cars backed up onto Military Highway, so I decided to wait until it calmed down before I tried it....read more
Brent H.
Dont trust the asian kid he is a dumbass mike is his name he never ever gets an order rightread more
Whoever has the line backed up not moving for the last 15 minutes... PLEASE move. I am on a break and have to get back to work.read more
Mitchell C.
Don't go to this cookout, the one on east main street in Hillcrest is 10 times better, they take care of you better, and don't have shitty attitudes like the employees at the one in boilingspringsread more
Brent H.
Dont expect much on drive thru took six times of telling this man lady what we wanted and they still fuck it up way to go and i wonfer how these people tie their own shoesread more
stacey o.
Enjoyed the service even though the plates were mixed up.....read more
Kathy V.
Great chocolate chip mint milkshake!read more
Katie M.
Chocolate malt FTW!read more
Teresa G.
The service and food is great here!!!read more
Tim T.
Place is good but way busy so if u go get it to-go!!!read more
Eric F.
The shakes, hush puppies and chicken sandwiches are great!read more
Ginny E.
Avoid this cook out! It's worth the drive across town!read more
Drew P.
Cheddar style!read more


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