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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Cowboy Up

Bars, American (Traditional), Bar

1036 Lafferty Ln

(302) 264-9322

Johan V.
Good luck having any fun in this place if you haven't been there a million times.... if you"re an outsider... you'll be treated as such. If you're an...read more
Ashley W.
Horrible sound system and poor lighting. The owners use this place as a hangout for their friends and could care less about the people actually paying to be...read more
Jenna F.
I have a love-hate relationship with this place. Tried to learn some line dancing with three other people on the dancefoor and got yelled at. Talked to the owner, very unapologetic. Music was ok tho.read more
Della M.
The oktoberfest was ice cold drafty goodness. The sliders- awesome good price and tastey. C/o happy hour and line dancing lessons. Really cool joint-2 bars, clean bathrooms lots of seatingread more
Sean S.
Tuesday seem like a great day to go. No cover and good drink specials. Karaoke is on this night with not bad eye candy.read more
Max G.
meh.. too far from everything else. too country, and food was pretty averageread more
Paul S.
I had to check into this place twice in a row just to leave another tip. The waitress here is slow as hell!read more
Paul S.
It's Froggy's re-invented.read more


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