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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Dairy Delight

Specialty Food, Restaurants, Burgers

PO Box 1109

(435) 882-6400


Barry S.
Good food, terrible customer service. If you screw up an order admit it and fix it. Don't make your customers cause a big scene.read more
Chris S.
I ordered the Old Fashioned Bacon and Cheeseburger. For under $6.00 I was not dissapointed! I had heard about this place from someone that heard from...read more
Jeff P.
Let me tell you, if my wife likes this place, it's good. The reviews are up and down, so I was a bit fearful about going, especially reading about the...read more
Kellie M.
Food cooked when you order.... Takes a lil longer but definitely worth the waitread more
Jen G.
Sweet & sour and an order of English chips....YUM!!read more
kenzi C.
Tip bryton he is awesomeread more
Staci C.
Tip Bryton! He is the BEST!!read more
james w.
good shakes and burgersread more


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