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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Effie Burgers


1120 Main St

(208) 746-1889

Nakota N.
Effie Burger. Burger's all they do, and they are the best. Whenever I go to Lewiston that's where I eat. The meat is the star here- no fancy add-ons to hide...read more
David P.
We had their Effie burger not sure of size but think it was a one pounder. It is around 8 inches across. We spilt it, was still to much for the two of us....read more
Clifton P.
BEST EFFING BURGER EVER!!! Split the burger three ways with guys from work. It was the best three way ever!!! Get the new EFFING burger. 1 lb 12"...read more
Tressa B.
The biggest and the best Effin bugers in town!read more
Ryan J.
Best place in town for burgersread more


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