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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

El Burrito Loco

Mexican, Restaurants, Burritos

18460 80th Ave

(708) 429-4195


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J.R. S.
This was some of the worst mexican food I have ever eaten. Taco Bell's rat meat tasts better than this garbage, and is way cheaper. This was my second time...read more
Lori A.
Food far better down 179th st at speedy burrito. Here carrots and peppers are $0.49 vs free at every other Mexican place. In all of the Chicago area. In...read more
Billy H.
Good sized burrito, but I would rather get something else for the money. I'm a fan of real Mexican food, which is alive and well in Joliet. It's like...read more
Pretty good food but order taker acted like I was annoying her.read more