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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Element Tasting Bar

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275 River Rd

(831) 998-7045


Tracey K.
Came here for the prime rib special while staying at Vision Quest Ranch. The ratings of 4 stars must be from people who had better food and service. My...read more
Tonia E.
I know Misty from back in the day. This place has been on my list for awhile but the bus doesn't come here so I'd have to taxi or wait til someone I know...read more
Candace T.
When we arrived we walked to what looked like the front door with the big sign and all that, but it was actually the back door. And it was locked. We had to...read more
Dexter F.
Finally, got to try the Prime Rib. Looking forward to trying the Hangar Steak and the Porterhouse.read more
What's good? Try the prime rib Thursday, Friday or Saturday.read more
Rebecca C.
Hot Wings Pizza is wonderful!read more
Steve M.
steak and blue cheese pizza is great.read more
Amazing food! Misty rocks!read more


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