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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Engine No. 9

Burgers, Sports Bars, Food

56 Martin Luther King Blvd.

(727) 623-0938

Becky W.
Decor is simple, service and sweet potato fries are fantastic, burgers were cooked exactly as ordered. I would recommend this restaurant to family and...read more
Steven C.
Pretty good burger. It had whole cloves of pickled garlic on it, needless to say the toppings were very creative. Bacon was crisp and overall I enjoyed my...read more
Gary R.
looked on yelp and found it,, mom came to town so we tried it , like other reviews say , location and outside makes one rethink entering ,,, but let me...read more
Tif B.
Heart Attack Burger! Be sure to add avocado!! I PROMISE...it's Delicious!!!read more
Jay T.
Don't miss out on the Chubby Duck burger. By far the best burger in St Pete!!!read more
Mia K.
Great staff, and the chubby duck was so delish! Will definitely be back.read more
Candi i.
The Gorton's fisherman called, he wants his calamari fries backread more
Allen P.
Awesome burgers and cool people/staff. And a great place to get tattoo ideas. :)read more
Roque R.
Best Sweet Potato Fries Ive ever had. Heart attack buger rules!read more
By far the best burger in St Pete! Start with the tuna then fill you belly with the Heart Attack!!!! Nom nom nom nom!read more
Garlic lovers order the Van Helsing Burger w/roasted jalapenos, roasted garlic bulbs, pepperjack cheese and crumbled bacon. Perfect with Pinot Noir!read more
Nanette C.
I got the chili cheeseburger and it was kind of dry. My friend got the bacon burger and he said it was great. Service was terribly slow but I think we got a newbie that was in the weeds.read more
Rick G.
When they say the "resurrection" is extremely extremely hot, take their word for it. Grab the heart attack instead with sweet potato fries.read more
Lisa L.
Black Flag burger is on point. Such a great tasty combination!read more
The wino burger and sweet potato fries were AMAZING! Best burger I have had in a long time! Delicious!read more
Brittany S.
Saganaki, Ressurection (*habanero paste on side*!!) with sweet potato fries! Yum!read more
Lauren P.
Fantastic burgers. Try the chubby duck or demi God. Yum.read more
Kevin R.
Great burgers and service!read more
Justin C.
One Bad Pig is one bad ass burgerread more
Thom S.
Try the chubby duck, soooooo good!read more
Amory O.
Tex Mex Burger = Deliciousread more
Lincoln F.
Marie Laveau, just saying,read more
Adam L.
Demi God was amazingread more
darryl e.
The chiken no. 9 is greatread more
Lisa S.
Awesome! I loved the salmon entree!read more
D.j. L.
fuckin phenominal,, get the chubby duckyread more
Stephanie M.
Sriracha wings and the Ahi Tuna burger...nom nom nomread more
Naresh S.
Van Helsing burger + sweet potato fries = nom nom nom.read more
Dominica M.
Awesome burgers!!! Definitely a place to visit...read more
Reuben Z.
Liked it. Great Burger. Will eat here againread more
These burgers are a religious experience.read more
Dee S.
What happened to the Double Heart Attack?read more
dave b.
Where is my Ami?read more


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