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Enzo's Pizza

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237 W. Commodore Blvd

(732) 928-8088

Kathy M.
I LOVE Enzo's! They have the most generous slices of gourmet pizza for an inexpensive price. Their cheesesteak slices are meals. My favorite is the Shrimp...read more
Jim B.
Hands down the best Jackson has to offer. Great food at good prices.read more
Marc D.
Definitely one of the better places to eat in the area. The veggie pie is what we usually go for.read more
Caitlin O.
They have the best food! I love it all, amazing pizza selections, subs, sandwiches, dinners, etc. You will not be disappointed : )read more
Sounds tastyread more
Rob G.
Great people and food.read more
Shana S.
The guys here are awesome and the pizza rocks and they make you feel like familyread more
Jake R.
great pizzaread more
Shana S.
Love love LOVE the chicken parmigiana rollread more
Mike S.
Buffalo wings, fries, pep. Pizza. Yumsread more
Heather M.
Great marinara sauce. Big selection of pizza by the slice.read more
Mike M
Giannas: I really enjoyed Giannas, mostly for its sausage and broccoli rolls. They were much better than average. I also enjoyed the atmosphere as it really gave the feel of an old fashioned Brooklyn pizza place.read more
John T
Very Good: The pizza is very good. The service is great. All the items on the menu are delicious. I have not tried delivery yet since it is so close to my house though.read more
Jess O
Great Pizza: This place has great pizza for a decent price. The delivery is always on time and they have such great food. Not only does it sell pizza, but also subs, calzones, and different types of pasta.read more


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