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Fish Soup Supreme 一品魚湯

Chinese, Ramen / Noodles, Soup

633 Silver Star Blvd.

(416) 609-2888


Karmen Y.
The food was alright, but I based my review as 2 stars because the pricing for their menu items were deceiving. For some fish noodle soup, it's about $7...read more
Jennifer K.
Fish Soup Noodles Supreme as the name suggests specialized in soup noodles... and the menu reflects that. You choose soup base: fish, chicken or Thai...read more
Josephine C.
Once in a while I like to treat myself to fish soup noodles. Today was one of those days! I was in the area and decided to try out this newer location. I...read more
Victor C.
I'm never coming back here. Found a hair in my fish soup noodle. No apology, just replaced it by reheating the same toppings... And of course, they charged me. Bad service.read more
only 3 soup broths to choose from. the reg one wasn't very flavourful, and add spicy = add pepper. also, each topping only come with 3 pieces. kind of overpriced what for you get.read more
Aretha C.
Their tartar sauce (comes with shrimp toast) is absolutely amazing. Not sure if they bought it somewhere but it's perfect tartar sauce.read more
Ben V.
Fish soup is excellentread more
Kimberly L.
I liked the tom yum gon soup base. The wonton was fresh.read more
Loretta L.
Everything is good here. You can't go wrong with anything you order.read more
The pick your own hot pot ingredients are very expensive. This is what they gave us for $3.50.read more
Fee D.
It is what it is.read more


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