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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Fonzie's Deli

Delis And Delicatessens, Delis, Deli / Bodega

48 Columbia St

(845) 473-4220

Bob S.
I wait for my friend at the hospital and have stopped three times at Fonzie's Deli. I have had three different sandwiches: 1 Breakfast Sandwich. Fantastic....read more
Brian S.
Seems like a pretty good deli. They have a good stock of boar's head deli meats. Lots of Pepsi products and wise chips. They have a large selection of made...read more
Santos A.
Well, this place opened last year sometime and no one ever opened a Yelp account so I did it for them! I would pass the place on my way to work and never...read more
John B.
Went in looking for Richie and Potsie but they weren't in. Sandwiches good though.read more
John B.
The food here is actually pretty good.read more
Temple B.
My meatball hero sucked monkey balls.read more


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