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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


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110 Washington Street S.E. 107

(256) 715-8042


Jason P.
Got in an argument with the douchebag owner because he inappropriatly groped my wife.. This was the 2nd time I had been there and had a problem with the...read more
Josh K.
Do not give these people your business. They turned away a friend because his pants were too "saggy." He is black. Turned away by a skinny white guy. My...read more
Meredith B.
We went to Fubar last night for the first time. We got there before the end of the football game, so this was actually a great to place to finish watching...read more
Mary M.
This place jams of you like to party...read more
Ross H.
Music could have been better.read more
Janie B.
Had lots of fun!!read more
Ricky C.
50ยข Beers on Thursday!read more
Landria V.
Coat check!!!!read more


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