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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

GA 400: Exit 7 Holcomb Bridge Rd

New American, Traditional American, Fast Food

GA 400

(770) 650-9533


Asha F.
Usually an easy traffic flow in the AMs. Just hard getting on it from Holcomb Bridge Rd.read more
Alyce M.
how come screen kmows I'm 400south but you say sorry, I say sorry get this fixed.read more
Alyce M.
need to.get tracking fixed my gps good forsquare occasionallyI'm on 400 south. no points.that's ok with.me but fix thisread more
Imagine going down the chattahoochee on a warm summer morning at 7 am laughing at the cars going to work on 400 as you pass under the bridge.read more
Alyce M.
For a breif moment thought your satellite, gps was fixed. Guess Not. You have to do a better job tracking..400S is an awesomeWay to ride south on 400, without traffic lights. Does get traffic too.read more
Alyce M.
fix your tracking It's not working if your screen says I'm here& you say sorry, I think somethings wrong &-It's your tracking.GET IT FIXED....read more
Sergey D.
cops cops cops...read more
D N.
They R about 2 start tearing down the tolls!!!!! No more look'n 4 change.....read more
Aubrey G.
Way faster in the mornings when you use this!read more
DJ Josh K.
I agree with Mike. keep moving dammit!read more
Craig H.
If there is traffic, use this laneread more
Bill M.
What's up with this traffic? It's never like this on a Friday.read more
frank s.
Nice addition but watch out for careening marta bussesread more
Keep moving as you get off the exit. There is NO stop sign!read more
Susan S.
Put your pedal to the metal & pretend that you're Dale Jr!read more
In Short
The intoxicating smell of golden fries cooked to crispy perfection and succulent burgers sizzling on the grill permeates the space, while a lively chatting and munching crowd maintains a laidback vibe at this famous fast…read more
What to Order: McDonald's website offers nutrition information for all of its menu items.read more


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