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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Genki Ramen

Japanese, Asian, Ramen / Noodles

Town Center

(808) 623-7828


Rachie P.
Came here with the kiddies one afternoon and we were hungry! Oldest son was complaining ever since we walked in the door... "I don't like this food, its...read more
Joei G.
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!! Ok ok.... I first came here because I was curious and I wanted to give curry a second chance. My mom ruined curry for me when I...read more
Christine L.
My boy loves ramen. LOVES RAMEN. I love pho, LOVE LOE LOVE PHO. But to be fair since I drag him to pho with me, I agreed to check out some ramen places with...read more
Good price to portion and a kind staff lead to pleasant dining experience. Just be sure to speak clearly, some of the girls show more heavy language barriers than other. Great for a meal in Mililani.read more
Reid M.
Very good Gyoza!read more
Electric B.
One of the best deals to get over here is one of their curry dishes. That's a soupy mound you need to conquer.read more
Michael F.
Combo A is a great deal!read more
Bring a light jacket. Your mammaries will freeze and your food will get cold as you're eating it!read more
justin p.
2-5 weekdays is happy hour. The free gyoza w/ orderread more
Isaiah P.
And curry to any order for $2.00. Chicken Katsu curry ramen is one of the best things around!read more
Very cheap, huge portions, very decent food: Good japanese ramen shop. Not high end, but definitely above hole-in-the-wall. Good curry (lighter and sweeter, not as good as like curry house), ok ramen (broth not strong enough). Good for a big lunch or takeout.read more
Garin M
Nothing Special: The type and quality of food is the same as Ton Ton Ramen, Ezogiku and such. \r \r At times, the place is very busy and a few workers, but they work hard at getting your order and fast.\r \r I eat here at least twice per month. The value…read more


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