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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Goats on the Roof

Farm, Rest Areas, Gift Shop

3026 U.S. 441

(706) 782-2784


Nick K.
Yes they have goats and chickens on the roof. This is a nice little place to stop by if you are on your way up into the mountains. Best to stop to get a...read more
James H.
In the grand tradition of Carhenge, dinosaur statuary and the world's largest cedar bucket (rest in peace), the roadside oddity of Goats on the Roof...read more
Chris W.
"STOP THE CAR! THERE ARE GOATS ON THE ROOF!" That's literally what I yelled as we drove by this completely goofy roadside attraction on a lonely stretch of...read more
Caleb S.
Nope they're openread more
daniel c.
Great icecream, fudge, and gifts . Goats live on the roof of the store a cool place to take the kids!read more
Matt L.
Feed the goats and chickens up on the roof. There are contraptions all over the venue that you can use to fatten up some goats!read more
Jodie Marie C.
haha I can't believe there's a place called "Goats On A Roof"read more
Andrea M.
love this place! .25 to feed the goats and you get a little sticker - cheap thrills for the little ones :)read more
Kevin Y.
All of the candy is delicious...and the mint covered oreos will make you want to slap yo mamma.read more
Jennifer H.
Bring plenty of quarters to feed the "alien" goatsread more
Christi S.
This place cracks me up!read more
Mary S.
My daughters love this placeread more
Patricia R.
Best place in the world!!read more
Navy L.
Fun for everyone. OWNERS ARE GREAT!!read more
Josh B.
About a million varieties of pickled veggiesread more
Try their apple cider... It's delicious!read more
Todd A
Goats On The Roof is very unique: This is a very unique market and the kids love it. You can feed the goats using different pulley systems and what not. Their selection of different jelly's, spices, furniture, bird feeders, etc. are great. This is a must stop when you…read more
Renee A
Goats On The Roof is Fun: This place is so neat. People complain because they have goats on a roof, but if people would just take a moment to see what their natural environment is they would see that it is steep mountains. Plus they are not just confined to the…read more
Goats On The Roof: Goats on the roof is such an awesome place. There are unique shops with a little variety of everything. Goats, well there are many & they seem to really enjoy being on the roof.read more
Lori J
Goats On The Roof is fabulous: This little place is fabulous! Attracts a lot of people due to the actual goats walking on the roof! They also have bunnys. Its like a little general store inside. Very cute place.read more


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