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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Grand Buffet

Chinese, Russian, Restaurant

2120 S 320th St

(253) 945-6668

Eric A.
We tried!!! One crab leg in the serving dishes - and they never refilled it the entire time we were there.. Many more empty serving dishes. NOTHING was...read more
elsa f.
My intention was to eat shellfish and only shellfish. It was not busy for a Friday night at all. Perhaps the tax season and recession sucked the life out...read more
Vitaliy P.
I went there and I don't think i want to go there again. First off I came in the I said two people, so waitress just walks away without saying follow me....read more
Jeannie L.
Not the greatest. Crawfish was bland and had a bad sea flavor. Baked salmon was bad.The soup had a metal flavor to it.Eggs still had eggshells stuck to it. The best thing: ice cream from the machine.read more
Delicious food and wonderful crab legs and a large space for a great get together with friends!read more
🐝🔞Mharky A.
The food is not good!read more


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