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Grand Buffet

Chinese, Asian, Buffets

18305 S La Grange Rd

(708) 802-8908

Ray P.
Today was "hang-with-the-parents" day. And, when I asked where they wanted to have lunch, they both chimed in, "Grand Buffet!", like two little kids....read more
Bill P.
I've probably been to this place 5 or 7 times since it opened...mainly cuz it's right off I-80. I know, that's not a good excuse. What's funny is that...read more
Kevin C.
This was my first China Buffet exp. I have never tried sushi before. They have a person preparing fresh sushi all day. In my opinion it was delicious. They...read more
Tristan B.
Very typical Westernized "asian" buffet. Not bad, but nothing special. Sushi is decently prepared but very limited - fake crab meat and eel.read more
Milan N.
As someone who is picky about crab rangoons, I'm very pleased with the way Grand Buffet does theirs!read more
Corinna M.
Dinner buffet for only $11plus. Good food, bottomless drinks 2 thumbs up!!!read more
Amanda J.
Awesome selection!read more
Aaron A.
Expensive and the employees are rude as hello.read more
Kylie A.
They have a lot of food to choice from! It was really good!read more
Vince C.
Great foodread more


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