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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Hanabishi By Kyushu

Asian, Japanese, Sushi

15355 Sherman Way

(818) 786-6005


Josette B.
Five stars for FOOD!! If i want excellent service, i'd go to Rodeo Dr., Brentwood, Beverly Hills etc. Severs are sweet, speaks with accents. Kind of slow...read more
Alex M.
"I've actually been here a few times already and it's always been fairly satisfying during each visit...at least for me. Although it's a hole in the wall,...read more
Considering the dearth of decent food spots in this part of the SF Valley (Van Nuys), this place is a nice find when it comes to Japanese food. They offer a...read more
Mediocre and tired: Thumbs way down for this spot. I've been a Kyushu patron since I was in high school (under the original owner). I'm now grown up and travel extensively, but every time I come home, I try to get to Kyushu. Unfortunately, the place is in…read more
Brenda H
Good Japanese Ramen: I loved eating at Kyushu Ramen. I had lunch with family and the food was quite delicious. I tried Yakisoba, a fried noodle,vegetable and chicken dish that was very tasty. The Roasted Pork soup noodle is excellent too. The prices are…read more
good but not great: I've had better...my last review was deleted because I mentioned another location. But I am a die-hard foodie and personally I'd like to see recommendations, so again I will try to leave one: Ramen Nippon in Reseda. The service was good…read more
Amazing food Amazing price: I have been going to this restaurant for a long time now and the food , service , pricing, and atmosphere have always been wonderful. This place is a real gem! The only thing that makes it tricky sometimes is that on the weekends it get's…read more
Kim T
Delicious ramen: One word...Delicious! I really enjoy ramen and especially did the other night after swim practice. I go to swim practice in Van Nuys, and we usually go eat afterwards at a local restaurant. I got the ramen with some veggies and beef in a…read more
Best place for ramen IN THE VALLEY.: I've been going to this ramen place for a few years now, and I'll say what I've been saying for years: its a good place to go if you're in the Valley and you need a ramen fix. By no means is the food terrible; its actually very good. …read more
One of the BEST kept secrets for Japanese food!: This place is FANTASTIC. I have never had a bad dish at this awesome neighboorhood noodle house. The food is deliciously prepared and the prices are unbelievably low. It gets pretty packed on the weekend nights, so I would recommend…read more
Yuho Q
Kyushu Ramen serves ramen and Izakaya style food: Kyushu Ramen is divided into 2 parts: One side serves ramen and the other side serves Japanese Izakaya type food. They are known for Kyushu style ramen, but both ramen and izakaya dishes are wonderful.read more
yet to be disappointed!: I have been going here for a while now and I must say that I like the service, the prices, the specials, and the FOOD! have yet to be disappointed.read more
Ramen in the SF Valley: I believe that I have eaten in every ramen shop in the valley. I always order the chasu ramen everywhere I...read more
mmm.. ramen!: I've been coming to this place for years. Tasty broth and super succulent ramen. The ownership has changed but its still my go-to place when I'm craving ramen. :)read more
Keiko N
Kyushu Ramen: Ramen which is Japanese hot soup noodles is good here. I usually get the plain shoyu or shio ramen. This restaurant is very small and a casual place but if you feel like Ramen and your in this area this a good place to visit.read more
Japanesie S
In sad decline: Thumbs way down for this spot. I've been a Kyushu patron since I was in high school (under the original owner). I'm now grown up and travel extensively, but every time I come home, I try to get to Kyushu. Unfortunately, the place is in…read more
: I've got 4 words for you: pork cutlet curry ramen. This is THE dish to order here, and it is savory magic.read more
I miss Kyushu: I have been coming here since I was 5 so it has been 24 years since I have established a relationship here. I do miss the old owner dearly and the atmosphere isn't the same, and the prices have gone up but this is my only complaint. There…read more


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