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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Harry O's

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch, Greek

13226 Wicker Ave

(219) 374-3403


John T.
Hit or miss (lately) and a bit pricey, but when they are on, it is worth the 4 star review! There are not many other places around here, and it's the type...read more
Niki T.
I was very much not.impressed, especially having had dinner at George's the night before and it beong amazingly delicious. My husband ordered the gyros....read more
Leslie L.
I remember how this place used to look before the fire. It looks awesome now! I think the food was better years ago but I was also younger. I really like...read more
Joy S.
Good serviceread more
Louis v.
They have Doctor Who pinball here!read more
Ashley Y.
Disgustingly dirty inside!read more
Louis v.
They have Doctor Who pinball!read more
beth l
yummy food: the food is awesome here. i love taking my kids for a nice dinner. the wait staff is nice and take very good care of there tables. the place is very clean and not expensive to eat at.read more
Lemon Rice Soup: Your Lemon Rice Soup is the BEST!!! Your service is wonderful!!! And the nostalgia of the "Old Days" is...read more
Use to be great: We use to go to Harry O's every Monday night and at least once a month on Friday nights. My father enjoyed...read more
Great Place To Eat!: Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Harry O's is the place to go. This restaurant has...read more


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