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Higgins Restaurant & Bar

Traditional American, New American, French

1239 SW Broadway

(503) 222-9070


S S.
I have been traveling to Portland for many years and have wanted to try this place forever. I was slightly disappointed with the food. We ordered fish which...read more
Kyle P.
Had a terrific Portland Dining Month meal here a few weeks ago. Here is my review of the menu: * Starter: Warm rapini with sheep's milk feta and chili...read more
Gregory W.
Higgins is one of the original locally-sourced, farm-to-table, seasonal restaurants in the area, opening 24 years ago and Greg Higgins is a James Beard...read more
Heather F
Best dinner I've had in Portland: The food here was amazing. The ambience is very upper class (at least for me), with white tablecloths and multiple levels. The servers were dressed to the nines and had impeccable manners. The food was so fresh and delicious, I could…read more
Go elsewhere for service. The Wait Staff ruined our experience: Waiter snotty, condescending, overbearing, had to be called every time to get service. Go elsewhere for service. I for one do not believe in paying to be insulted. . Meat was good but side dishes were lacking.read more
good food, but bad service: this place is well famous. so I went this place with my folks. it was very busy weekend after dinner time. still we could not get a seat, so we got a spot in bar side. that was totally fine because we still can order same dinner menu…read more
Donald L
Higgins Restaurant: A great place to go for a business lunch. It's centrally located on Broadway in downtown Portland. They have a little bit of everything on the menu, and have never been disappointed. The service is very good and always professional. I…read more
Simply GREAT food.: Came around 9pm and because we already ate dinner, we just wanted glass of wine. Sat at the bar and the atmosphere was just perfect. Decided to split the charcuterie plate and WOW, let me tell you, it was just out of this world. All the…read more
Fresh ingredients make great food: I have eaten at Higgins numerous times (lunch and dinner) and believe it is one of the best restaurants in Portland. They always seem to use the freshest ingredients and come up with innovative, tasty food. The dining atmosphere is very…read more
Consistently one of the very best places in Portland.: Hot date or important business, I have never been disappointed. My guests thank me every time for going to this place.\r \r The service is as excellent as the food. If you give them a heads up on the nature of your occasion you will always…read more
JUST GO- you won't be disappointed: When we first moved to Portland, Papa Hadyn was THE place to go. Everything was prepared with care and was delicious. However, it's just not the same anymore, and I would go as far as to say that Papa is now Poopoo! The same with Portland…read more
The best place for this style of menu.: The best place for this style of menu. Everything is made in house and seasoned perfectly. The service is outstanding and the space is inviting. I've been there with many people including those in the industry and they all would go…read more
Absolutely one of Portlands best restaurants.: Higgins is an institution, it doesn't really need my further support with an online review, but I can't help but mention how amazing dining here is. I've come to rely on a wonderful ambiance, knowledgeable staff, and excellent service…read more
A Jewel: I gather that this restaurant has a well-established reputation, but we weren't aware of it. We've walked past the place many times on our way to nearby concerts and always said, "let's eat here next time we're in town." Well, we finally…read more
If I could make love to a restaurant...: It would be Higgins. This food is AMAZING, some of the best I've had in Portland. Perfect for a long leisurely lunch, over a bottle of wine, with food meant to savor and share with people you enjoy. The perfect day, and the perfect…read more
: My experience over all was an A- and so this should still be interpreted as a good review. Our server was super awkward with no sense of humor and truthfully, he weirded me out. That takes a lot. But the food was delicious, though ever so…read more
Good food , bad stuffy service .. real: Good food , bad stuffy service .. real attitude on our waiter both times we went .. food rocksread more
What to Drink: The wine list boasts a number of local notables, but the beer list offers more than 125 different brews from around the world.read more
NW Home Investments LLC
Always a crowd favorite: A place to go for any event.... it's been around for a long time now. NW food at it's best.read more
Save Time: The restaurant is often booked on weekends, so make reservations at least a week before you plan to dine.read more
Beth S
Perfect: Higgins is everything we want in fine dining--fresh, local, perfectly prepared and not too pretentious.read more
Save Money: While the restaurant is perfect for special occasions or expense-account dining, choose a lower-priced, more laid-back meal from a shorter menu at the bar.read more
Great Experience: Went in for a quick pint but was surprised buy how great the bar menu was, ended up staying much longer and don't regret a thing. Great beer even greater place, will be returning.read more
Margot L
Wonderful!: I highly recommend Higgins for a special evening out or a business lunch. The menu boasts an excellent selection of pacific northwest fare made primarily with seasonal, local, fresh, and often organic ingredients. This is a french…read more
Upscale downtown bistro delivers elegantly simple Northwestern fare.read more
At one of the first restaurants in town to celebrate Oregon bounty, chef-owner Greg Higgins uses the freshest, most seasonal and regional ingredients to be found, and stocks herbs and produce from his own garden. This downtown spot is…read more
make reservations: It's best to make reservations, it's a small place with a great ambience. It's work casual to a romantic dinner. It's pricey but well worth it for great hospitality and a full tummy!read more
Good atmosphere, great food!: We had dinner here last night before going to Wicked. The service was wonderful, the spinach salad with bleu cheese and squash was to die for! Nice quiet place to enjoy some delicious food and conversation before a show.read more


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