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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Hub's Restaurant

Steakhouse, Steakhouses, Wine Stores

1705 S 7th St

(270) 236-9858

Wkynow H.
If you live here and want to meet neighbors, maybe; if you don't live here, the wait, the drive, and the amount of people packed in isn't worth it. Well,...read more
Wendi S.
I never thought I would try Alligator (it's just one creepy looking creature), but my daughter & I wanted to be adventurous. We got it as an appetizer &...read more
Jeff s.
Wow! Lived in Hickman for nearly a year and never went there to eat. It seemed always busy and I just never liked bars. Finally on urging from friends and a...read more
Angie M.
This was a fantastic southern experience. Friendly people, cheap prices, and great food. What more can you ask for????read more
Jeffrey H.
How do you like that your VZW phone works here now? Stop by VZW Fulton if we can helpread more
Melissa R.
The Blackened Steak is AWESOME!!!! And the 57 Chevy drink is good too!read more
Sidney V.
Best steak and best bartender by far!read more
Jamie R.
Awesome food! Best bartender! <3 Chew!!read more
tessa l.
Get the blackened oysters. So good we got a second dozen.read more
Kelly J.
Yum! Love STEAK!read more