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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Jan Van Gent

Chocolatiers & Shops, Bar, Event Space

Annonciadenstraat 1

(+32) 925-6020


Monika K.
the darker the better, that applies to some things in my life, (men, coffee, souls jk jk !) but chocolate , you must be dark for me to enjoy it, and when...read more
Christina L.
After having amazing French and Swiss chocolate, I feel like I've been spoiled and have yet to find great Belgian chocolate that will compare. I actually...read more
Angela M.
We'd been wandering around Ghent that morning with no real goal, and ended up walking past at the perfect time for a decadent hot chocolate, as advertised...read more
Hans De Four (DJ4AM)
Roker? The place to be! Hier mag het nog.read more
Nick K.
No Duvel in this bar!!!!! What a shame!!read more
Joachim D.
Een la chouffe'ke van 75cl, beste bier daar in de buurt.read more
Sven N.
Sit on the benches outside made out of radiators! Superwarm and cozy!read more
Priskilla D.
Code voor tinternet vragen aan de bar.read more
Bram V.
Very friendly service from extremely handsome barkeepers!read more
Tim D.
Geweldig cafe. Fantastisch personeelread more
Tinne J.
Heel gezellig tuinterras!read more
Jef S.
Overpriced, sinds kortread more
Joachim V.
€2,20 for a Pepsi?read more
Michael P.
Laatste rook.. Oooow yeahhread more
Frederik D.
De roomer kappen ze goe vol!read more
Karel G.
Never ever order the quiche. Really.read more
Evi D.
There's a great terrace in the back.read more
Federico G.
ask the wif password at the barread more
Laurens P.
Exportkes tedjuread more


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