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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Jerry Yum's

Fast Food, Chinese, Restaurants

10696 campus way south

(301) 350-8602

Olivia D.
when you're running late and you ain't got dinner on your plate jerry yum's jerry yum's jerry yum's meets the two critical requirements for chinese...read more
Tisha S.
I love their food and the mixture of chinese meets american. The only issue I have is that they don't take cards nor do they deliver. I mean, it doesn't...read more
Shelby N.
As far as carry-out food goes, Jerry Yum's is the best. Is the little Asian lady manning the register the nicest? Maybe not, but hell if I had a line to the...read more
Charlene W.
Good ass Chicken OMGread more
PrettyBoyElijah N.
get white rice with any other meal and its free of charge... friend rice they charge you forread more
Melanie V.
The best mumbo sauce!read more
Jose M.
Everything tastes better with white sauce.. :)read more
Terrence C.
The best Carry out in the area without a doubt.read more
Shan S
It is what it is...: Pretty much what every food you are craving they probably have it. The prices are a little higher than what you may expect but the food isn't bad. The service is ok, not the greatest.read more


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