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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

King Kone

Restaurants, Hot Dogs, Burgers

117 Fairfax Ave

(276) 963-7875

Greg F.
This place should be a solid four stars but the other day my wife (a native of Richlands) and I stopped by and the girl that was working should be fired!...read more
Christie F.
If you want uptown fancy food.. this is not it! We have a little Burger and dog stand in the Dollar Store parking lot... it has been there for over 50 years...read more
Kimberly R.
Can't go wrong with the frozen custard or a slaw dog (hot dog w/ chili & cole slaw)read more
Be sure to hold your cups with a napkin. The dye runs from the slightest amount of moisture and will stain your hands, as well as everything you touch. That can't be healthy.read more
Kim H.
Custard shakes r the best :)read more
Great place for hot dogs!!!: This place is great. My family and I have been going here since I was young. It makes them remember the 'good ole days'\r \r They have some of the best hot dogs and burgers ever!read more
Amy D
King Kone: A small Ice cream hut with windows you walk up to to order. Service was fast and the staff was friendly. \r \r Many varieties of ice cream available, it was hard making a choice.read more


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