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Grocery Store, Bakery, Deli / Bodega

1261 Grand Ave

(651) 698-3366


Nick S.
One of the largest Panini selections in the state, AND best rotisserie chickens in MNread more
Marc T.
Great deli!read more
Melissa L.
Your brownies taste like saw dust. And that seems like a hard thing to do.read more
Darren G.
One of the most extensive deli sections I've laid my eyes upon. Killer.read more
Jeremy J.
Best place to grocery shop. I'm here 4-5 times per week!read more
David E.
Great produce, meat, cheese, bread selection & olive bar.read more
Saphiya L.
Best rotisserie chicken in town. The deli has amazing buffalo chicken pasta and sandwiches.read more
Rene M.
Wonderful soup and salad bar, and hot deli. Great when you want a really nice meal but don't have time to cook.read more
Naomi O.
Looking for gift ideas? Be sure to check out the gift area when you enter (on your left). Local products...fashion accessories...lotions...home decor.read more
Kristi H.
Cheese, Produce, Deli... I try to stay away from the boxed and canned things (a bit pricey) but if you're looking for alternative foods (gluten free, soy, etc) then you should definitely check it out.read more
David M.
Overall nice people, but avoid Sally in receiving. She's is the biggest POS in the retail grocery industry! One of the surliest women I've ever met!read more
Greg S.
When translated, "Kowalski" mean "giant olives you should put in your cart and gorge yourself on as you walk down the aisles."read more
Dennis B.
Fabulous selection of world cheeses this side of Surdyk's. Check out the baked goods as well. A little spendy though.read more
Melissa F.
If you don't get a caramel roll you are doing it wrong.read more
Todd L.
A bit pricey but awesome product selection that you won't find anywhere else. Great deli.read more
Greg S.
You can buy food here.read more
Del V.
Great panini sandwiches!!!read more
Mitch L.
They don't sell alcohol here.read more
Jenn M.
Chesses are FABULOUSread more
Katie S.
Samples!!!!read more
Rebecca P.
Salmon saleread more
Jared R.
The Greek Focaccia bread from the bakery is amazing.read more
Jeremy J.
510 times...try and beat that!read more
Nick S.
The Deli is phenomenal!read more
Kathy B.
Rotisserie chicken is the bomb!read more
Chris D.
Don't forget to pick up a movie while you're there!read more
Kevin J.
A little expensive for my tastes.read more
Mint brownies. Absolutely to die for.read more
Christina O.
Wells Fargo ATM in store! Score!read more
Trinette K.
Small Store Has So Much Potential: Kowalski's, as a whole, is a great chain. They blow places like Cub & Rainbow out of the water, and are my favorite place to shop. The one on Grand is no exception. They have a great deli with really good sandwiches & soups, decent…read more
Kristin D
Shop for food and stationary: Kowalski's has been expanding all over the place. They keep expanding the "gift" section to the point where they are actually selling brass BEDS in some stores. They carry a decent selection, but their focus is on high end products. …read more
Will J
Nice gourmet grocier.: Voted number 1 Gourmet grociery store by Citypages recently, Kowalskis provides a pleasant shopping experience. They have many items of higher caliber than other stores, though at a slightly inflated price. The quality of the produce is…read more
Deena K.
A Nice Community-Oriented Market: Kowalski's is a locally owned gourmet market with 7 locations throughout the Twin Cities area. Items are priced higher than your average grocery store, but that is the only setback. This store carries all your essential food items: dairy…read more
Kowalski's makes your mouth water!: Kowalski's is one of my favorite grocers. They have the finest selection of fruits, vegetables, deli and bakery around! The place is a high end market, not your typical warehouse style grocery store; it is warm and comfortable. Also, check…read more
Mark L.
Low ceilings, high prices, open late: Kowalski’s seems to have everything you could ask for in a grocery store: good location, gourmet items, open late, but I’m routinely disappointed by this upscale grocer.Kowalski’s grand avenue location is ideal, but its prices are high and…read more
Rachel B.
Nice high-end grocer: Kowalski's is a nice little grocery store. It's open 24/7, so it's a good place to get late-night craving items like ice cream, but it's also a good place to get produce or any specialty item that comes into your head. This grocer is a…read more
Very good service from Kowalskis Markets: Every time I go to Kowalskis Market, I always find impecable service and convenient layouts. I always find it to be a pleasant shopping experience and actually look forward to going. However, you do have to pay for this service. The…read more
Roxanne S.
Kowalski's makes your mouth water!: Kowalski's is one of my favorite grocers. They have the finest selection of fruits, vegetables, deli and bakery around! The place is a high end market, not your typical warehouse style grocery store; it is warm and comfortable. Also,…read more
Mara S
Kowalskis: I shop for all of my meat and produce at Kowalskis. It is always clean and well-organized. The employees are very friendly and helpful with your grocery bags, etc.read more
In Short
Kowalski's is a much-loved St. Paul institution that's expanded its bright, well-organized stores to the suburbs. It's chock full of beautiful produce and local specialties, but there's also seafood that's flown in daily…read more
A locally run, well-stocked market full of friendly faces and fresh goods.read more
The Extras: Kowalski's stocks a lot of organic fruits and vegetablesread more
Rachael R
Great store with lots of hard to find organic food: Kowalski's has a small town feeling with a big city attitude. They carry lots of organic and hard to find foods. Their food in their deli is to die for, along with their fresh meats and bakery.read more
Nick B.
Great locations and atmosphere: I really enjoy shopping at Kowalski's to get away from the festival of nations at the local cub and rainbow stores. There are always friendly employees eager to help and the prices justify a better shopping experience.read more
Angie G.
Awesome!: I loooooove Kawalskis. Their Deli is terrific and their selection of nicer foods is great. We used to have one here in Camden/N.Mpls on 44th right by my house and we loved it. It was so convenient and we were there all the time. Not as big…read more
anonymous l
Great Grocery Store on Grand Avenue: Kowalski's has a done a great job in providing a wonderful alternative to the large chain grocery stores. Great deli, produce and fresh meats. Wonderful service too. Only drawback is the parking lot a bit small.read more
Erin K.
Kowalski's Market: Kowalkski's Market is a great place to shop for quality produce and meats. Their selection is much better than Rainbow or Cub. I've been particularly impressed with the produce. The store is clean and has a friendly staff. The store on…read more


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