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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

La Strada 88


18938 E Hwy 88

(209) 603-9451

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Robin H.
I really enjoyed dinner at La Strada 88. Our bartender was great, our server was both personable and efficient, the house Old Vine Zin was oh, so good and...read more
Kimberly K.
We ate at Starda 88 a week ago. It was a Saturday night, later in the evening around 8 or so, so the typical dinner crowd was dying off. Regardless of the...read more
Dave M.
Service was a little over the top, but better to be over than under I always say. The best part of the dish was the vegetables. Meat was a little under...read more
We did not care for it. No garlic bread. What's up it's Italianread more


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