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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Local Burger

Burgers, American (Traditional)

82 Main St

(603) 355-3993


Patrick M.
Most of the reviews for this place were pretty spot on, but I didn't want to believe it because I wanted a burger today! it looks great inside and I like...read more
Cain G.
The first time I had a burger here, it was incredible and it set the tone for my expectations from this place. The next few times I went the burgers got...read more
Christopher C.
If you like food poisoning, try. Personally, I don't.read more
Awesome little place, really nice staff!read more
Edward G.
Large Marge, fork is needed halfway!read more
Tyrel S.
Their Juicy Lucy is delicious. Make sure you have a fork handy sometimes though!read more
Jim B.
Oh my God, the Cap'n Crunch dog. Don't doubt it, just get it and love it!read more
Milkshake!!read more
David F.
Sweet potato fries and maple syrup? I think I'll die happy...read more
Eric G.
Great burgers and fries, pretty expensive thoread more


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