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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Lucky Buffet

Buffets, Chinese, Food

95 Lake St

(802) 527-8388

Nicole G.
Good selection, one of the best Chinese buffets I've been to in vermont so far. Food is hot, fairly fresh and has yet to disappoint me. One time I went...read more
Chad V.
One of the better Chinese buffets I have been to. If anyone remembers the Mongolian grill that used to be in Burlington, it's quite similar. The best part...read more
Sarah C.
Jimmy's. That's what I call it. It's not the lucky Buffet, its the Buffit...and thus I'll call it Jimmy's. Why? Cause I freaking said so, ok? Yeah, we used...read more
Brian D.
Pineapple Chicken is great! Also the Peanut Butter chicken and Frog Legs.read more
Chad V.
Wow, nice surprise for St Albans! Hibachi is a great option.read more
Garrett H.
Dont get pork fried rice. Not cooked throughread more
Eric F.
Watch out for the fat guy he wont stop lookin at me!!!read more
Katherine I.
Surprisingly good for cheap buffet food.read more


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