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Man Kee Cafe 文記茶餐廳

Chinese, Café, Asian

670 Broadway

(415) 668-7882

Janice C.
Man Kee: Wo Ai Ni. I don't bust out Mandarin that much anymore, but when I do, it's a declaration of love. How could I not? HUGE portions, satisfying...read more
Sebastian F.
Man Kee is near the corner of Broadway and Stockton and is one of the few places in the area that is open late. Don't let the simple interior fool you, the...read more
Lily Y.
Mediocre place. Greasy food but isn't all chinese food? Service is ok depending on which waitress is serving you. I ordered salt and pepper chicken wings to...read more
Vincent T.
Pretty good food at a decent price. Can't complain about the service - It is Chinatown after all.read more
Andrey C.
Aka Broadway Caferead more
Niketa M.
The watermelon juice is very goood and for $2, It is a great price! but the food is just average.. Go there only if absolutely hungry with no other option.read more
Stephanie N.
Happy hr food specials 10-11am, 3pm-6pm and 10pm- 1am cheap!read more
Happychingchi G.
Cheap and happy! Watermelon juice, fresh squeezed (blended) -> $1.5; traditional 3 dishes with rice and soup for $20!; fairly clean tables and chairsread more
Raymond F.
If the wait is long go to their other location 826 Washingtonread more
Norman L.
SF version of Oakland's 8th Cafe. =]read more
S C.
Papaya milk price increases to $3.read more
Mango pudding is surprisingly goodread more
youngmi m.
Cutest server ever! He is so sweet! Get the $2 cucumbers!read more
~$1.50 for papaya milk or HK milk tea!read more
Lily F.
I always get the fried pig intestines. Love!read more
Raymond F.
Now known as Man Kee Cafe same food and crappy service.read more
Austin Z.
Been here before...their service is pretty good.read more
not just cheap, but simply can't find better: I started going to D&A about 4 years ago, but don't go there often anymore since I have since moved out of the city. However, it still surprises me each time I go, just how good the food is. The price is good, but that's totally…read more
Great Chinese/Late Night Dining on Clement: This place is really good for Hong Kong style Chinese food and is open late. It's one of the few places to get a tapioca drink after 10pm. They have a great deal where you get three dishes for $15.95. This includes soup & rice too! I…read more
Kwok C
Adequately priced Asian food.: D & A Cafe is located in the heart of Clement Street, which you won't find a lot of parking especially during the day time. They offer a wide range of Asian dishes. They have discounts at certain times of the day, and is fairly priced…read more
Kwok C.
Very quick servings, and plenty of choices.: D & A offers one of the best values out of anywhere on Clement. They serve a variety of Cantonese, and American dishes. They also offer a variety of Asian drinks, and also have fairly prompt service. Anyone who's on a budget and looking…read more
Jutta M.
I loved this place: Until my husband told me he wanted a divorce over tea here. Now I'll never go bckread more
Amazing: a table of 8 people, at least serveral entrees of various types, soup, soda, shakes, and bubble tea. the food was very tasty and way affordable at less than $60 (not including tip) for all of us including the drinks. i highly recommend…read more
Cheap Eats: They offer specials during the day from 11-1p and again from 3-6pm. Dishes run from $2.25 to $2.80 between 3-6pm. For 3 bowls of won ton noodle soup, won ton ho fun soup, beef stew noodle soup, fried squid and green onion pancakes and 2…read more
Tony L.
D & A Cafe: This Cafe is good and the price is cheap. but you should not expect good service. From 3-6pm you can order from this menu which cost only $2.00, which includes wonton noodle soup, fried squid, fried toast, and more. and at night time there…read more
Bad service decent food: Pros: food is cheap and fast Con: the service here is terrible they actually talk back at the customers I've been here more than my fair share of times usually with my family and occasionally friends, and about every time i come…read more


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