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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Fast Food

Avenue Maurice Thorez

Fred D.
Pizzeria OH NO! Soggy doughy tasteless pizza. Really bad; barely edible. Not made at this location and worth passing by to the McDonald's adjacent. Or...read more
Jen L.
DO NOT GO HERE!!! I wish I could rate it negative. All food is frozen, and basically just tossed in the microwave. -- I guess unless you like gross cheese...read more
Linh N.
Well hi there! Are you waiting for your flight in IAH's Terminal B, and are inspired to fill your belly because it's an hour or two till your flight or...read more
Pour profiter des sandwichs et menus offerts retrouvez votre carte de fidélité McDonald's dans l'application FidMe !read more
Alexandre H.
Dommage qu'ils oublient la moitié du Big Mac.read more


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