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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Fast Food, Pizza

Avenue Maurice Thorez

Andrew L.
It's airport pizza. I think best case scenario I could MAYBE give it 3 stars but it just isn't that great. It's comparably priced to other airport expensive...read more
Erin D.
At 11am on Wednesday, I placed an order for spaghetti. After the cashier charged my credit card, she found out there was no more spaghetti. Luckily a couple...read more
Greg D.
This UNO's ain't the original ONE (pun intended) This is; http://www.yelp.com/biz/pizzeria-uno-chicago#hrid:WXkygFY_t_l1xATUW9KcQQ They kinda whored out...read more
Pour profiter des sandwichs et menus offerts retrouvez votre carte de fidélité McDonald's dans l'application FidMe !read more
Alexandre H.
Dommage qu'ils oublient la moitié du Big Mac.read more


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