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723 Chestnut St

(215) 413-9070


just average: I didn't think this place was that special. I don't quite understand why it got so many great reviews. I thought this would be really good because, ( i hate to admit) of the name behind it, but it was just your average sushi joint at…read more
Too expensive: I have a hard time believing Morimoto himself actually came up with the dishes this place serves. Every sauce is over sweetened and is simply lacking in flavor. The sushi is good however it is not worth $6 a piece. The ishy yaki buri…read more
Overated food!: After being at another Steven Star restaurant, Buddakan my expectations were high going into Morimoto. It was just one restaurant I had always wanted to try. The prices were high on the menu so our group of four decided that after…read more
Mixed: I don't eat Sushi, but my boyfriend does and loves the Iron Chef. It's definitely overpriced in some regard. My boyfriend ordered the "Chef's Choice" he loved every single dish, but left there hungry and starving (that stinks when you…read more
Matt N
Morimoto is excellent: No better sushi in Philly. The quality of the ingredients and freshness of fish are top-notch. Would recommend the tasting menu and the drink pairing...the kobe beef dish is very tasty! Fun, contemporary atmosphere also.read more
Everything was perfect: My husband and I went to Morimoto just recently and had an amazing experience. We ordered the $120 chef's menu and fell in love at first dish! We had 8 courses including dessert. The pacing was perfect. We never felt rushed or…read more
average at best: meal was only average. I had a sea bass whole fish meal and my partner had the $120 chef choice. although she liked the variety of her courses she was not overly impressed with the meal. My choice was mediocre at best. I could have gotten…read more
Overpriced, and simply bad food!: I was very disappointed with the experience. After hearing so much about the restaurant I finally made a reservation for my birthday. We were greeted very well and the people aspect remained great and pleasant until the very end. However…read more
The Omakase is still the thing to get!: I've eaten here over a dozen times and I still love it as much as the first. If you're going to dine here, get the omakase and be sure to get the $120 because the $80 one will just get you the pedestrian stuff you see on the menu. I was…read more
way overpriced for ok food: I went in knowing it was going to be expensive, so price was not a huge concern. I wanted this meal to be about the experience since we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary. With that said, no matter what the price, the food was…read more
Ammaarah B
Morimoto's restaurant: Morimoto's restuarant is incredible! Fromt eh food, the staff, and the ambiance, top quality all the way! The atmosphere is breathtaking and the food will leave you please! Creative, yet comforting! Morimoto has blended his traditional…read more
Unforgettable experience: I had dinner here with a friend last night and everything was perfect. The service, the sushi, the drinks. I would say if you want sushi and you are in Philly this is the only place to go. The hosts were warm and welcoming and the…read more
Although he's rarely in house, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto created the imaginative Japanese fusion menu at the heart of this striking eatery, notable for its sculpted white walls, undulating wooden ceiling, and booths that change color.…read more
Steve V
Great Fun and Meal: Went to Morimoto for a birthday party and it was great!! The food and service were outstanding. We even got to meet him and got him to sign a menu in Japanese, which he gave us. My kids will never forget.read more
Very good but expected more: I love sushi, i love Food Network and Morimoto is known by chefs in the area to be a real nice guy. I had...read more
Expensive and Unimpressive: I have to admit I love the Iron Chef, but his restaurant in Philly is not so hot. I've eaten there twice -...read more
Where to Sit: Got 15 friends? Reserve the separate room with one glowing, recessed Japanese table for 16.read more
Save Money: Test out the Iron Chef at lunch and pay $16 to $28 for an entree, miso, fried rice and salad.read more
What to Drink: Sample dry and sweet sakes. Or try "Sakura," a cosmo made with sake.read more
It is what it is...: Recently voted one of the most overrated restaurants by PhillyMag, I'm afraid I'd have to agree. Yes, it's...read more
Know Before You Go: The chef's dinners ($80, $100, $120) feature inventive raw fish and vegetable combinations, plus a sampling of staple entrees.read more
Andre F
We really appreciate: We really appreciate the way the crew⿿s great personalities and attentiveness. They have such great services and the food is not that bad. We will be back this weekend for more.read more
Jaime P
Excellent food; ambience: Excellent food. Pricey. If you go with a fixed menu, don't try to order too much on the side. By the time course #5 is brought, you'll be full.read more
Jessie F.
Morimoto Restaurant Review: This restaurant is one of the finest. They serve among the most delicious Japanese cuisine in Philly. Great staff and affordable as well.read more
Kristoffer C
Food always fresh and tasty!: Excellent food always comes fresh and tasty! Great place to have a drink. The place looks good and comfortable. I love this place!read more
What to Drink: Sample dry and sweet sakes.read more


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