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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Nancy's Townhouse

Pizza, Italian, Food

79 E Milton Ave

(732) 396-9229


Sal C.
I wandered into this establishment while I waited for my train to come and I was extremely upset I did. I ordered two plain slices and a Buffalo Chicken...read more
Kent S.
I lived in Rahway for a year and I did it so I could have an easy commute to New York. Rahway, as anyone reading this review knows, is not the coolest,...read more
Harrison M.
This little pizza place is across the street from the Hotel Indigo in Rahway. While staying at the hotel I ventured across the street to sample the local...read more
Corinne 😊
Fantastic pizza!!!read more
Tom M.
This is the best of the best of New Jersey pizza----very thin, crispy & deliciousread more
Excellent thin crust pizza. Got done eating it last night and was already wishing it was the next meal time so I could have it again.read more
Andrea M.
Delicious thin crust pizza! If you don't live nearby, take a road trip!read more
Melissa O.
"Thin" is an understatement. This is cracker crust pizza. I much prefer the thin crust style at Denino's in Staten Island.read more
Adam M.
By far the best pizza around here. Book table in advance in winter time.read more
Kevin S.
it's the best Jerry the bestread more
John Z.
favorite pziza EVERread more
Jason C.
1/2 meatball and ricotta1/2 pepperoni and black oliveTo die for...read more
Super thin. Love this place.read more
Thomas L.
The lasagna is awesome. Tons of cheese.read more
Keith G.
Grab great pizza at Nancy's Townhouse. It has a nice thin crustread more
Best thin curst pizza anywhere, hands down. Go!read more
Excellent pizza that compares to Brooklyn pizza! Yummy!: We went to this place just at random since it was across the street from the train station in Rahway. The pizza reminded me of Brooklyn pizza which of course is the best pizza in the world. Awesome pizza.read more
Ms. B
Solid pizza place: Love them! Pizza arrives hot and fresh every time we order. Other stuff like zucchini sticks and garlic knots are decent, too. Only placed phone orders for delivery, but the guy knows us well enough to ask what happened to us when we…read more
David B
Try somewhere else: I read the reviews and chose to order from there while staying in a hotel in the area. What a mistake. Overpriced for extremely plain sauce dry cardboard type crust with little flavor. I figured in this area I had to order Pizza it must be…read more


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