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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Japanese, Sushi, Sushi Bars

605 Salem Rd

(501) 499-6919

Sean A.
Best sushi place I've ever came across! Anywhere! The staff is full of amazing people! They are super nice! The food is great and who doesn't love all you...read more
Nic R.
I was planning on trying this place today and when I came in, they were offering free drinks and 20% off your ticket, which made it a steal. My order was...read more
Chelsey C.
Went with my husband and daughter. I will start with pros: Staff is friendly. Restaurant is clean. We were the only costumers. Cons: Food was...read more
Tasha S.
Delicious sushi, but their other food is not so great. They have a huge bento box, but it wasn't anything special. Also, they chargee me $10 for the box of rice pictured. $10?!?! Will return for sushiread more
Alana W.
Every roll I tried was delicious! Definitely worth the price. Only bad thing is that everything was drenched in eel sauce.read more
Daniel Y.
The Hawaiian roll is AH-MA-ZING! A lot of great flavors!read more


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