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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Neptune Diner II

Diners, American (New), Diner

669 Classon Ave

(718) 623-1111


Tiffany M.
Came here for some late night grub. The diner is pretty small so if you come at a busy time, it seems like it would be really tight and a serious wait....read more
Susan D.
This place is in my neighborhood so mostly I'm just grateful to have a decent place to eat at 2 a.m. when the mood strikes. It's standard diner fare -...read more
Sonal U.
Went here at 3 am after an adventure in Williamsburg and the service was pretty bad! I might have been in a rush because there was an extremely creepy man...read more
Robin F.
Glad we have the option, but it's just kinda sad... Even basic requests seem to stump the servers, and the food, while generous, is mediocre at best.read more
B&B F.
For a place that just opened I waited over 30 min for food and the place was empty. No good. I hope the food is good. I still didn't get it.read more
The service sucks! It's a shame because there's nothing like it in the neighborhood. Great space and outdoor seating.read more
Laurency W.
Silver dollar pancakes were good . Skip the bacon or order it well done. Service was good and quickread more
Nikoleta A.
Typical diner food, service is slow, but staff is very friendly. Good place if you aren't in a rush, plus they are open 24hrs on fridays and saturdays.read more
This place is great for breakfast, the daytime manager is very friendly and always stops by our table for a minute or two. Daytime waitstaff is great. The late night waitstaff is a little bizarre.read more
Bill S.
I'm a diner junkie. I love it. It's right across the street. Open late. Reasonable price. Service was a little rough the first few weeks but the one time my meal was late it was computed.read more
Kevin R.
I don't know why everyone leaves bad tips. This place has great service and the breakfast is reasonably affordable. A diner is a great thing in any neighborhoodread more
Why is there a diner here. Of all the good food venues that could have been....for shame.read more
Raju N.
A hidden gem in Prospect Heights because it is not on the more popular Franklin. Lovely outdoor seating space. Typical diner with big portions and not overly expensive. Friendly and open 24 hoursread more
Ingrid S.
If you're drunk and need to find food post 2am in the neighborhood its one of the few places open. Service was super slow. Typical diner food. Though, everything kind of tasted dry and blah.read more
Breakfast was delicious...Service was very good/quick and staff was very friendlyread more
Johnny S.
WAFFLES & COFFEE! Nom nom nomread more
Matthew K.
I am the mayor and I hate this place.read more
Hella Smella
I like that it's a squareread more
Ahmad R.
I don't miss coming hereread more
Michelle K.
My burger was greatread more
Julian G.
This is the best diner.read more
Go to Tic Toc instead!!! The food is blah here!read more
Munira A.
moussaka wasn't half bad.. in fact it was quite yumread more
Kuan H.
The food is not as good as the one in Astoria. Kind of disappointing...read more
Domenick P.
"Regret and discomfort" -Domenick, 2013, mixed media on cheap porcelainread more
Liz K.
This place sucks.read more
Domenick P.
Winner of the "Worst Omelet I've Ever Had In My Entire Life" award.read more
Cros B.
I had a nice Reuben. It was huge. Our server was quick, friendly.read more
Tash K.
Meh... It's pretty cheap though. My advice--go to Tom's.read more
: Love this place! I am slowly going down the menu list. SO far everything has been greatread more


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