i.e: burger's, Italian, Mike's
New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Traditional American, Carry Out, Group Dining

1601 E. Franklin Boulevard

(704) 865-6633


Bev L.
First negative impression: Walked in and stood there waiting while at least 3 employees looked at me and said nothing, no greeting, no attempt to help....read more
Ashley B.
Welcome to O'Charley's, where the coffee is cold and nacho dip is substituted for loaded baked potato soup.read more
Kristen D.
The server was awesome. The food was good. I've been to several O'Charley's Restaurants, and the food is always pretty decent. This particular store had...read more
Grey G.
Men's restroom door was very sticky to the touch! Whole thing could use a good cleaning. Otherwise, a good O'Charleys.read more
Jennifer V.
Careful where you sit! I've switched 2 chairs already and everyone of them have been so wobbly with loose screws they feel like they are about to fall over!read more
Katy H.
Dem rolls.read more
Les P.
Brunch/breakfast is served until 3 pm on Sunday.read more
Doug M.
Stay thirsty my friendsread more
La'Courtney S.
Them rolls are addictiveread more
Brittni B.
Check online for a 20% off couponread more
Richard H.
THE $ 9.99 MENU IS PURDY AWESOME...!!!!!!read more
Kerri W.
This location has a rating of 96 and we left once a few months ago because the dishes were dirty and then we had to do the SAME today! I understand once, but twice? No more.read more
Choose your perfect lunch! O'Charley's Lunch Combos, starting at $5.99read more


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