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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

OJ's Submarines

Carry Out, Delis And Delicatessens, Sandwiches

4136 Paramount Blvd

(562) 421-9551


Melissa P.
I had the roast beef dipped sandwich today. It was okay. I guess i really shouldn't compare it to the place that invented it back in LA. I jumped the rating...read more
Sharon T.
Yelp review gone right!!! This place is yummy for your tummy. Great service and good prices. The asian lady who makes the sandwiches (owner?) is very...read more
Rodger J.
Had 2 of the hot sandwiches. Large(11") pastrami and meatball. $7.00 each with tax. The meatball was spicy because of the pepperoncini.read more
CrystalAnn J.
Get the potato salad its delish.read more
Jesse M.
They charge an extra .30 if you use a credit cardread more
how u wont it: OJ'S submarines is the best it has great food\r their service is always quick and the food is \r served how you wont itread more


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