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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Omega Jumbo Burgers & Frozen Custard

Californian, Hamburgers, Burgers

7041 S 27th St

(414) 304-7200

Richard S.
I went back a few days ago for lunch. Their menu is quite a bit more extensive than most Custard places. They have Everything from Breakfast Plates to Greek...read more
Heather M.
Your standard burger at a Milwaukee custard stand. Large, thin patty. Nothing too special, but I'd eat it again. Also a wide selection of other sandwiches...read more
Bruce K.
Fitting clearly into the category known as "fast casual", Omega is neither the typical golden arches type of restaurant nor the glossy menu nationwide...read more
Timothy P.
Literaly 10 people standing behind the counter, not a single one acknowledged me. I was the only person at the counter. After 5 minutes I had to ask if someone would take my order.read more
Fouche A.
Very good breakfast for good pricesread more
Mike S.
The 2.99 breakfast is a great deal and tastes good.read more
Jeremy A.
We used to have an Omega Burger/Custard in Kenosha. After it closed down, this location became a special treat. Custard and jumbo burgers are AMAZING.read more
thom s.
Serves inexpensive breakfast.read more
Kenion B
Good custard: Omega is definitely one of the best custard places around. It is also a good place for burgers and duch. Their flavors of the day can be quite interesting as well as their daily food specials. Everything is pretty good except for theā€¦read more


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