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Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)

Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches

1000 Airport Parkway Pvt.

(613) 248-2000


Jason H.
Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple! They smash Dunkin' Donuts on all fronts! Their food, coffee, and treats are way better..and their coffee is cheaper!...read more
Dave K.
I was here in the arrivals terminal waiting on someone to clear, and needed something hot to warm me up, enter Peppermint Tea. That most definitely did the...read more
Ruth A.
No salads No Sandwich No soups almost half in their menu is not available. Servers seems like they hate their jobs and poor customer service . Speaks...read more
Allie W.
Welcome to Ottawa! You need to visit the Parliament Buildings, The Canadian War Museum, Rideau Hall and the Market.read more
Rob H.
Nexus card holders bypass long immigration lines at us customs as well as security lines at domestic and international gatesread more
Kris J.
The Tim Hortons behind the screening point has the slowest, worst service allowable under international law.read more
Kim L.
I've mastered the carry on liquid rule. Everything in a one litre bag, and each no more than 50 mlread more
Andrew S.
There's a new Starbucks between gates 22 and 24. A great place to refuel on your travelsread more
Louisa B.
Yay! They now have a Booster Juice AFTER security! Now I don't have to chug my Pineapple Freeze with You-Go-Girl Booster in it!read more
Dale W.
If you park <15 mins while waiting to pick someone up, it's free -- handy if you don't want to circle around the arrivals lane waiting for a slotread more
Chris D.
6am flight be there by 430am. The security sucks only has one lane. If American, the immigrations people aren't any faster. You are still treated very poorly.read more
Connie C.
City bus 97 from arrivals level is excellent--gets to downtown faster than taxis (dedicated bus route) at a fraction of the cost. Runs every 15 min on weekdays.read more
If you're in town for a while head downtown and explore. Walk across the MacDonald Cartier bridge, visit the National Art Gallery and the Museum of Civ, or bike/walk the full length of the canal.read more
Anthony R.
Breakfast sandwich at Senate Chambers is awesome. The 'hash browns' are terrible though.read more
Jim R.
Airport has much improved design.Combined with a scenic waterfall, and much more accessible design.New visitors to the airport may overlook many of the improvements, such as increased counterspaceread more
Jeremy O.
If you are connecting through Ottawa for a USA bound flight don't forget to claim your checked bag! It's located in a small closet... Find a gate agent to help you!read more
Jiju T.
Look for the seats with plug icons, they have power outlets and USB hook ups underneath.read more
Sherrilynne S.
Kudos to second cup for having non carb breakfast choices.read more
Nicole S.
Def recommend getting a Nexus card. It has saved me a ton of time!read more
Nancy K.
Stay away from The Byward Taps. Terrible food. Even worse service.read more
Marc G.
Avoid the pre board security lines with a NEXUS card.read more
Andrew S.
Quite possibly the worst airport food in the world!read more
Rhonda S.
Be sure to say thank you after you get frisked!read more
James B.
Skip Sbarro pizza, it's overpriced and underdone.read more
Robin B.
Wifi is free but very choppy. Sting song playing in fits and starts...read more
Jennifer B.
Be warned: there is no good coffee to be had in the US departures area.read more
Tim P.
Free wifi all around the airport just look for the signs fir the ssid better the boingoread more
Susan H.
Look for the seats with plug icons, they have power outlets and USB hook ups underneath.read more
Matt M.
The "Senate Chambers" restaurant in the US departures section is now open. Have a pint!read more
John C.
See if you can find Air Canada's super top secret bunker SuperElite Concierge desk ;-)read more
Joy E.
3rd level deck is great for watching planes take off into the sunset :)read more
Mike K.
The Starbucks is secretly hidden to the left of the main entrance on the top floorread more
Jeffery M.
Fly Porterread more


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