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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Paul's Pel'meni

Russian, Dumplings, Eastern European

201 W Gorham St

(608) 354-1713

Douglas H.
It is really hard to position this pel'mennaya relative to peers, given most of them are 4K + miles away. Still, it is doing things right. For those...read more
Dave H.
I went to the new pelmeni place having been a frequent customer at the State Street location a few years ago. Was miserably disappointed by the time I...read more
Corey D.
Was Charles who walked me through the ordering process awesome? Yes. Is the price right? Yes. Was it speedy? Yes Were my dumps delish? Yes. But I left...read more
Mark F.
Great food and I got a show from the crazy lady who alternately didn't want the server to talk to her and then did.read more
Aaron A.
Great to have Pel'meni back downtown! Good food at bar time, but honestly great at any time of the day!read more
They should be called yumplings instead of dumplings!read more
If you like spice add extra sauce at the table!!! Very friendly service! :)read more
Saqib M.
Awesome place. Get the full mixread more


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