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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Petite Provence

French, People Watching, Breakfast

1824 NE Alberta St

(503) 284-6564


Charlotte G.
This is an adorable little restaurant with fancy French flair. I would definitely recommend this place as an ideal brunch spot! I came here on a Wednesday...read more
Arturo O.
Hi Arturo and Olivia here, We have only been here 2 times but only have good things to say about it. 1. The food is above average and always tasty 2. The...read more
Laurel H.
This continues to be one of my favorite venues. We are able to get a table even though it is Valentine's Day. We meet here 6 1/2 years ago and have yet to...read more
Cute little place!: I've only been to the location on Division. This is a cute little place, which there could be a long wait in the morning. But they offer free coffee while you wait. The salmon hash is delicious and I love their croissants, its so buttery…read more
Very Nice Place: I sat next to 'Veronica' on this particular day, and it seemed to me that nothing would make her happy. When we walked in the place it was packed and people were working very hard, and it was clearly marked 'Please wait to be seated.' A…read more
don't ruin your day: the waiting line for tables, at 10 AM on Saturday was not tended to. we had to grab the staff to ask of we could get a table, so did other people. The tables in the middle are slanted and uncomfortable. The front door shuts too slowly…read more
One of my favorites: I love Petite Provence. I've been to both locations regularly and they're both fantastic. I'm generally not easy to please when it comes to food, and with one exception I've loved everything on the menu. The Northwest Salmon Hash might…read more
Amazing bakery items and menu. Wide: Amazing bakery items and menu. Wide selection of treats and brunch items. Unfortunetly it is always packed so seating is very tight. Good service, excellent quality of food, and fair pricing. A favorite place to go!read more
i'm addicted to this place!: I go at least once a week if just to get a pastry or coffee. I haven't tried all the pastries yet but all the ones i have are DELICIOUS. And their coffee is excellent. There food is also amazing. Haven't had anything there I didn't…read more
TOTALLY CHARMING, GREAT STAFF TOO!: Wow, do I love being able to pop in when I have business in this Alberta St area, which is pretty darn often, since this location has recently opened. This is my absolute favorite place--ambiance--great coffee--and the pastries--who could…read more
BE AWARE: We have been in this place 3 times and we were overcharged 3 times even after the correction on the third time.\r Please ask for your detailed receipt and check your items.\r Their bakeries are good and coffee is OK. \r The problem is the…read more
What to Eat: Hungry? Order the chewy peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies, or the massive hunk cinnamon-laced coffee cake that could feed two, if not three people.read more
Know Before You Go: Don't expect to find any maple bars and donuts for dunking to be served here. This cafe's primary pastries are of the Parisian variety.read more
Beautiful place, excellent pastries,: Beautiful place, excellent pastries, and decent service. Satisfying and interesting menu. Feels comfortably and appropriately European.read more
In Short
Wicker chairs, chalkboard menus, sunny yellow walls, and black paneling give this vast Alberta Arts haunt the ambiance of a Parisian sidewalk café. Fitting with the theme are also its gorgeous display cases that…read more
This bakery-cafe hybrid creates a petite Paris on NE Alberta Street.read more
Great Bakery Items !: I always get great pastries and fresh bread from Petite Provence on Alberta. The staff is welcoming and make for a great "Alberta" experience. If you don't want to wait for a table, everything on the menu is available To-Go too !read more


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